Biblical Legends Anthology Series Bundle (e-book)


Featuring 53 stories and poems, this e-book bundle includes three e-books with stories set in biblical settings without the biblical characters. Stories feature original characters with their own stories.

Includes both the PDF and ePub versions. This e-book can be read on any e-book reader device.



The Biblical Legends Anthology Series is a speculative fiction multi-author fiction series depicting biblical settings with fictional characters.

  • Garden of Eden Anthology¬†showcases 15 authors and 16 stories and poems written by the best spec-fic authors on the planet. All stories are set in the Garden of Eden but without the biblical characters leading the storyline.
  • Sulfurings: Tales from Sodom & Gomorrah¬†features 19 authors presenting 20 stories and poems set in these two ancient cities. The stories are as wickedly apocalyptic as you can imagine.
  • Deluge: Stories of Survival & Tragedy in the Great Flood takes the horror genre one step further in a biblical sense, of course. Seventeen authors present their stories and poems with amazing skill. You’ll never see rain the same way again.


From satire to science fiction, and from fantasy to horror, this anthology bundle will keep you up all night reading.


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